Ingredients you can pronounce! 


We take pride in ensuring our customers that every Baked Good you purchase has been hand crafted.

We rent commercial space at Thyme and Place Cafe located in Southern Pines where we produce our products. Then we offer them online via an Etsy shop "TAGSWEETS" or engage in local events or offer local pick up locations for treats and some delivery. 

We are happy to offer a variety of custom edibles for any allergy or dietary lifestyle. See from an assortment of some common ones below

- Sugar Free 

- Gluten Free 

- Vegan 

- Paleo 

- No Bake

- Whole 30

- Ketogenic 

- Hemp Protein 

- Healthy Snacks 

- Plus more!

Your satisfaction is our priority. We encourage you that if you do not see an item you like to submit a request via email or our Etsy and we will put our best foot forward to serve you. 



Gingersnaps start with a mixture of brown sugar, oil, molasses, and egg. 

The dry ingredients in the traditional Gingersnaps include; Flour, Baking Soda, Pink Himalayan Salt, Cloves, Ginger, and Cinnamon. 

Mix the two together and roll them to the desired size and bake to desired crispness. 

We prefer our Gingersnaps on the light, fluffy, melt in your mouth side. We encourage you to order samples for your work office or business to try!